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We LOVE Kybella®! It's the only injectable cleared by the FDA to remove unwanted volume under the chin. Once it's gone... It's gone for good!

We love that this treatment is highly personalized. We can target areas of fullness not just under the chin, but also to the sides by the jowls!

Plus, skin tightening is an amazing side effect... Don't you agree? Love your selfie and your profile with this treatment! Some results are visible within a few weeks of your treatment, and full results occur around 12 weeks. As with all of our injectable treatments, we use numbing medication, ice, and distraction methods to make it a pleasant experience! Patients who get a Kybella® treatment should do so 14 days before any major events like weddings or anniversaries in case of swelling or bruising. While there is no downtime after Kybella®, you can expect to feel a little sore and swollen for a 2-7 days.

Call the pros at Amelie for questions, and to get your chiseled jawline on it's way!


Nix that Double Chin

(submental area)