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CoolSculpting is the most popular non-surgical method to sculpt and contour your body!

In fact, over 7-million treatments have been performed world-wide. Once we remove those areas of unwanted volume, it's gone for GOOD. We are often asked, "what areas can undergo CoolSculpting?"

Our response?... "If you can pinch it, we can freeze it!"

CoolSculpting takes anywhere between 35 minutes and several hours, depending on the area. It is not painful; instead it feels intensely cold, then numb. Similar to icing an injury! Most of our clients resume normal activities the day of their treatment, although it's normal to feel a little tired and sore... Similar to if you had a good workout session. For clients planning ahead for big events such as weddings and vacations, we recommend being treated 60-90 days ahead of time so you can enjoy your full results!

For all questions, please give us a call, text, or send an e-mail! We will be happy to get you in for a free consultation and answer all your questions in depth!


The Skinny Jeans

(inner & outer thighs)

The Wow Factor

(abdomen & flanks)

Adore Your Abs

(abdomen only)

Love Your Love Handles

(flanks only)

Wave Goodbye To Long Sleeves


The Chiseled Chin

(submental area)

Smooth & Slim

(bra fat)

Knees, Please!


Customized CoolSculpting Transformation Package

(everything else)